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Community Media pt 2 – Southern Tagalog Exposure

July 3, 2011

Yesterday I got to speak with some people from another media group – Southern Tagalog Exposure. The group produce some solid short documentaries focusing primarily in the region (Southern Tagalog).

Check out this short documentary on the 43 health workers 

Their approach seems to be to capture as much video footage on issues affecting communities and on struggles waged by the communities, and then to edit the videos. The editing process seems to require the most skill and is very time consuming.

One of the youth was telling me that when they want to do an interview they don’t just go and shoot the interview, but instead they integrate into the community for a weeks time to learn + understand the issues in the community to better represent those issues in the work they produce.

Most of the communities they work with are already organized (I asked them about how they worked with communities that weren’t yet organized, but their answer was more hypothetical).

I was surprised to learn that there are only about half dozen people in the organization, with only a few full timers.

They have run media workshops for workers and peasants, but it hadn’t worked out as they had hoped. It seemed as though people did not have the time to contribute to the media work. They have started trying to recruit students from universities in the region so that they can do more.

You can check out a few of their videos here –


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