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solidarity message for ILPS 4th Intn’l Assembly

July 2, 2011

BASICS Community News Service (Toronto, Canada) would like to extend its greetings of international solidarity to those attending the ILPS 4th International Assembly.

We stand in solidarity with members of ILPS to mobilize the people to resist exploitation and oppression amidst the protracted global depression, state terrorism, imperialist wars of aggression and ecological disaster, and to build a bright future for the social liberation of humanity!

Through our media work we focus of exposing Canadian imperialism and its exploitation and oppression of people across the world and in Canada. Canadian mining companies are destroying the environment and dispossessing communities throughout the world. Canadian imperialism continues to work with U.S. imperialism in waging wars of aggression in Afghanistan, Haiti, and now Libya.

The Canadian government is intensifying its surveillance and oppression of both indigenous and working class racialized communities in Canada. The government is also forcing people into more precarious livelihoods by expanding its temporary foreign workers program and implementing ‘austerity’ measures.

As a people’s media organization, we highlight the people’s struggles against imperialism from the local level and around the world as a means to inspire and arouse oppressed and exploited people’s in Canada for advancing their struggles in league with the peoples of the world. From the revolutionary struggles in the Philippines, Nepal, India, and Turkey to the people’s uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, and popular and anti-imperialist movements in Latin America, the peoples of the world are rising against imperialism. It is our duty as activists, progressives, and working-class and oppressed people in an imperialist country like Canada to play our part in struggling for a brighter tomorrow.

In solidarity and struggle,

BASICS Community News Service


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